Marenggo Natural Dyes Batik is a batik brand that focuses on natural dyes, inspired by the development of natural dyes by our ancestors and the reinvention of natural dyes in continuing our love to Indonesia’s heritage.

We are trained to combine beautiful handmade details and traditional fabric techniques in our collections by partnering with local artist.

All of our heart work is made locally with global quality. The unique aspect of Marenggo is in educating batik with natural dyes in the village environment by empowering women and young people as the new generation of batik.



We work with artists in Yogyakarta. In Marenggo, our products are made with creative and heart-touching effort that we call as heart work.

We make this textile with old age technique one by one and every motif has a story. Our heart work is translated by creative hands into scarfs and beautiful fabrics. We create unique and bold and warm colors to the eyes and they are comfortable to wear.

1. Batik and Tritik in BOGEM.

Bogem is the birthplace of Dalmisih’s mother. There are some batik and tritik artisans in this area. They are taught and motivated by Marenggo. The batik process result is smooth and detailed batik.

2. Batik in Karongan.

Karongan is the place where we stayed. There is one group of batik that become our partner for production and we motivate them to continue to work. Some of the artisans learn to paint batik from scratch and eventually they master their skills, craft the batik into beautiful heart work and are able to improve their family

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