Marenggo leaf is the inspiration for our creations and it is the special characteristic we use in every piece of batik that we make.

This plant always grows all year long, and we never run out of the stock. It will always countinuosly grow.

For us this is very exciting, just like our passion to always create the art work, to always grow, to develop and it will never die.

The extract from this leaves produces yellow and brown in accordance with the age of the plant.

By continuing to appreciate nature, we make the nature as our inspiration in creating art works. Thank you Mother Nature

Our never ending spirit is like the marenggo leaves that grow abundantly.

The fertile color, green, the soil tone and also grey colors are the uniqueness of colors you can find in Marenggo brand.

Our products have varieties in colors, motives or designs which are born because of our love to batik and all of the products are handmade by our artist.

Size : 250 x 115 cms / green / cotton


The  colors in Cherry Blossom collections are the combination of soft colors and in  collaboration with traditional motiff from Java,

“ Kawung and Truntum “

This collection is part of the diversity of motives innovations. The aim, still,  is to develop the tradition from Yogyakarta.

The philosophy of the motiff and color in this Cherry Blossom collection is to show the soft heart of someone, to gain her happiness in her own way and the effort  to preserve traditions, dedicated to all human beings.Therefore, we all can enjoy the beauty of nature in this collection.

The Beauty nature can be seen in the falling flowers that scattered around the ground.

It will bring happiness to anyone who see it.

We present to you exclusive design and color for this motiff, only from Marenggo.

Our products have varieties in colors, motives or designs which are born because of our love to batik and all of the products are handmade by our artist.

Size : 250 x 115 cm / grey / cotton

Dyeing by Smearing Process: 10 times

For smearing process we use for colet using secang wood, Marengo leaves, Tegeran Wood, the skin of Jolawe fruit, Tingi Wood, and Jambal Wood.

Dyeing process: 7 times, by using  the skin of jolawe fruit.


This is inspired by Grebegan, one of the traditional ceremonies in Yogyakarta that has the meaning of thanking God for all the bless and good crop they get, by sending Gunungan as offering. Gunungan is a symbol of their gratitude feeling for all God has provided for them.

Parang motiff with images of soldiers has the meaning of never ending spirit of Yogyakarta people. They are eager to develop the Javanese tradition!

Batik with this motiff is one of the traditional culture forms in Yogyakarta thas has to be preserved through the generation.

This design is the exclusive one when I won the 2nd prize of Batik Competition in Yogyakarta.  

Traditional batik must be preserved.

Size : 250 x 115 cms / grey / cotton

Dyeing Process: 7 times dyes/ 7 layers, using Putrimalu leaves and the skin of jolawe fruit.

Inspired by traditional houses throughout the archipelago.

The different shapes of traditional houses are the magnet of these batiks and it will attract people to remember how beautiful these houses are.

The decorations that surround these traditional houses are specific ornaments in each place. Here we can see the unification of many beautiful elements.

One of my full supports to introduce traditional houses from each area is through this design. This design made me winning the 2nd prize at Batik Desain National Competition when I was still a college student.

Size : 250 x 115 cm / blue ocean / cotton

Dyeing process: 7times with indigo


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